Download Google Installer APK For Huawei Phones

What Is Google Installer:

Google Installer is an application for Android devices that don’t have Google’s Play Services, Such as Google Play Services, Play Store, Play Books, Play Games, Play Music Etc, Particularly Phones from the Chinese Market. Chinese smartphone manufacturers don’t issue phones locally with Google Services, China has restricted most of Google Services and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. So that means you cannot use directly the services I mentioned. China has policies to protect the privacy of its users.

By the way, Google and its services are becoming a much important part of the modern smartphones now. Without it, users can not do the most of things properly from their devices. So, In these days survival without Google’s services is difficult. Play Store is the biggest app market in the Android OS, There are over Four Million Apps in the store. But you’ll get some local stores by your phone manufacturers like Huawei own its AppGallery, Samsung owns it’s Galaxy Store. There are options, But they are not good at all as Play Store, Owns by the main distributor of Android.

China can block services anytime. But they can not prevent users who manually installing those apps. That means you can manually install those apps to your device, There are many ways you can find. But Google Installer is the easiest and simple way you can do it. After installing this app, You can simply install entire Google apps without any trouble.

In this guide, You can Download Google Installer v3.0 [Latest version] directly. This one works with the latest EMUI 9 without any doubt. Not only Huawei devices. If you own any of the devices based on Chinese firmware versions like Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE, and Samsung, You can try this. To install the apps please follow the instructions that I have given below.

Features Of This App:

1. Can download and install all Google Apps.

2. Support Google Play Store and Play Services framework.

3. Compatible with above 4.0+ Android versions.

4. Google data sync.

5. No root access needed.

Download Google Installer APK:

Follow This Steps to Install It Easily:

Once you Download Google Installer APK from provided links. Follow these steps to install the App properly and get Google Services for your device.

Step 1: You must have enabled the ‘Unknown Sources’ from Developer Options, Because this package is from Third-Party developers by outside.

Step 2: For the enable ‘Unknown Sources’, Goto Settings -> About Phone -> Tap several times on Build Number, After tapping many times you’ll see a pop-up message. Then you back to the Settings main menu, You’ll see Developer Options appear on it automatically.

Step 3: Then navigate to the Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources. Just touch on the box side on ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable it.

Step 4: Once you complete those steps, Locate the where you saved APK on your device through your default File Manager or some 3rd party App.

Step 5: Touch on the “GoogleInstaller_3.0.apk” and press ‘Install’, Wait until the installation complete.

Step 6: Now, the newly installed app appears on your app drawer or home screen. Please touch on it to Open.

Step 7: After that, you open, touch on the big circle that appearing on the bottom and go ahead to start installing Google Apps.

Step 8: Now touch on Install -> Ok and Install -> Ok -> Google Play.

Step 9: You’ll see an option in Chinese, Just touch on it to Allow. The device will ask for the permissions just Allow it.

Step 10: Please restart your device after the installation complete. After the reboot, the Google framework should be installed.

What If Still Not Appearing Play Store On Your Device:

If you carefully followed those steps given above, You must have it. But sometimes there will be compatibility problems. If play store and services not appearing on your device, You can manually install it. It’s just like normal APK installation. Please Download them from the links given below. And feel free to install them like normal apps.

Final Words:

This is the guide to easily install Google Apps for your Huawei device or any device based on Chinese firmware. If you followed these instructions you’ll definitely successful with installing Google Apps. Feel free to contact us through the comment section if you need any helps from us.

Huawei’s Founder Will Be ‘Protest’ If China Reprisal To Apple

Last days, U.S. president Donald Trump’s administration added Huawei to the blacklist. For the national security concerns, the U.S. government order to manufacturers who based on the U.S, stop doing business with Huawei.

U.S.-China trade war is going on. By the way, How if China planning to do similar to them, Banning large American tech company like Apple? Huawei’s founder responds for that question, He says he would be the “first protest” if China does reprisal to Apple. Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei says “Apple is the one of the leading company in the world. If there was no apple we would not see the beauty of this world and competition between tech giants, Further said Apple is my teacher. I can not agree to ban it.”

Recently, Chinese media have reported some customers in China have been destroying Apple iPhones in public against banning Huawei. Also, There are many social media campaigns against this in China.

Ren, Said that the U.S. government would be no reason to attack the company. Further, he said, this restriction will affect its 5G lead, the U.S. was doing a campaign to ditch the Chinese company’s 5G equipment from Europe and Asia because they complain the company is stealing data and spying countries secret information. But most of Europe has been hesitant, There is not enough hard proof for that.

Huawei Is Developing Their New Operating System For Replacing Android

What’s New With Huawei’s Own Operating System?

In these days, Huawei is struggling with its business, because of canceling the license with Google. Android OS is gone from their devices after the US government’s order which is signed by Donald Trump. United States tight its rules for companies that deal with outside of the US. After that, the world’s famous hardware manufacturers like Intel, Qualcomm also cut off their deals with Huawei.

Anyway, This massive tech company is never giving up on the game. The company’s spokesman said that Huawei Is Developing Their New Operating System since 2012. After the U.S. investigation in 2012 for Huawei and ZTE. Huawei saw there is some possibility for escalating US-China trade war. They know if this is going on into the future, it is definitely affecting to its business. Huawei’s Plan B already begins in 2012.

As we heard from recent reports of Huawei, their Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu, Said that Huawei’s new OS “Designed for next level of technology” and maybe it is available in later of this year. Today on the internet there are many names for calling Huawei’s new OS such as “Hongmeng OS”, “Kirin OS”. But still, we cannot confirm what is the name of that OS. But the new OS project is known as “Project Z”

According to Richard Yu, Huawei’s new OS is a unified platform. That means it is not only for Smartphones and Tablets, It is compatible with TV’s, Cars and also Smart Wearable devices too. Richard claimed that the new OS can run Android apps more efficiently than Android OS.

However, They still not have plans to roll out new devices with their own OS very soon. Huawei still got more 90 days with the support of Google after the license revoked. They are going to use Instead of “Play Store” for Android devices that Huawei’s own App Store which is calling “AppGallery” and also another alternative for Google’s Play Store is “Aptoide” recently Huawei is in talks with Aptoide developers with bringing their store with Huawei devices, This store currently hosts more than 900,000 apps in store and near 200 Millions of users.

Will Huawei’s Plan B Save The Company?

Well, We can expect more updates from the company. Maybe they are enough to go ahead. But still, No idea how is this competition will going on if they release a new OS for their new devices.

Developing a competitor for Android and iOS is tough. Even without Google Apps. There are wouldn’t stand a chance to survive in global markets. Who’s going to give up their Android or iOS devices for Huawei device that doesn’t have apps they usually use, Like Gmail, Google Maps, or YouTube. In China, this is not a big deal. Most of Google services and apps already blocked from the country. But will see is there any negotiations between the U.S. and China trade war. If it happened, Maybe Huawei is stuck with their Plan B.

Huawei Banned From Google After Trump’s Executive Order

Huawei is one of the massive tech giants in China and the top supplier of the network and telecom equipment in the world. Currently claiming the number two spot in terms of smartphone sales worldwide. US president Donald Trump issued an executive order last week to ban “Foreign Adversaries” from doing the telecommunication business in the US. According to the latest reports, Huawei Banned From Google after that. And the company will not receive any Google services that comes with Android OS such as Security Updates, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Maps and many more.

Huawei smartphones are not available to buy in the US because of concerns by the US government of the company’s link to the China government. In this case, also other popular and massive tech firms like Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Xilinx said that they also supporting to the Google and promise to not support or supply hardware components to Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd until further notice.

What Happens To The Current Huawei And Honor Smartphone Owners With This Case.

For existing Huawei and Honor smartphone holders, this will be not affected, Huawei promises to update the current devices with monthly security patches and fix updates and continue supporting all Google services too. That means recent devices such as Huawei P30 Series, also upcoming Huawei Mate 20X 5G and previous devices are all fine.

Does That Mean Huawei Will End Of Making Android Devices?

Exactly not, Android is an Open Source program, Which means anyone can use it, modify it as they like. it’s completely free to use. But the problem is the main distributor of Android OS (Operating System) is Google. If you want to use this regularly, you need to support of Google for getting monthly security patches and Play Services which are the main parts of the OS. Without those of Google services, your phone will not survive with the future and even you cannot verify and download millions of apps using the biggest store in Android, which is calling Play Store. As well, Android updates come to the Open Source version a lot later than the Google verified licensed one.

What is the future of Huawei’s smartphone business? Does it survive without Google?

Huawei’s chief executive Richard Yu said in an interview they’re already planned about plan B. They’re building their own technology that is not reliant on US tech giants. In the last year of this interview, he said about they have their backup plan to cut off from companies like Google and Microsoft. Which means they are planned about bringing a completely new OS for their Smartphones, Tablets and also Matebooks.

Should You Buy Any Huawei Device Now?

As I said, For the current devices there are no problems with supporting the future. That all devices will be getting new updates. And also Huawei has joined the new Huawei P30 series to the Android Q beta program.

But if you’re planning to buy a brand new Huawei device from an official store or anywhere. The answer is “Wait”. It’s a bit complicated to answer but there’s nothing wrong about current smartphones they have. Like Huawei P30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro they are all amazing handsets to buy. But this situation you have to think twice before you spend thousands of dollars for the smartphone which is a curtailed life span. Just wait and see what will be happening in the future. If there is any luck to resolve this problem. Definitely, Huawei fans can rock again without worry.