How To Manually Flash OTA Updates On Huawei Devices

If you own a Huawei Phone, You’ll get their EMUI updates OTA (On The Air). Anyway, how if your device didn’t receive the updates proper time. You have to long wait. Or the recent update you installed is not interesting to you or got some bugs, issues on it. This method is important if you wish to Upgrade or Downgrade your device as you want. In this guide, You’ll learn how to manually flash OTA updates on Huawei device.

If you own rooted device or custom ROM flashed, soft bricked, this method will be working for you to return your device to the factory stock firmware and unbrick, unroot easily. Go ahead and follow the instructions for the start flashing.

Important: Before you enter this process. Your device must have at least 40 – 60 percent of battery life.

How To Manually Flash OTA Updates On Huawei Devices:

Step 1: For the first step you need to Download the OTA Firmware that exact one develops for your Huawei device’s model number. After that you Downloaded the firmware file, it must be matched for your device’s model number.

[*] As like the screenshot below. You’ll basically get this kind of .zip, Once you open or see the name. It shows ‘Huawei_Y220-U01..’. Like that, In this screenshot ‘Y’ For series of the device, If your device is Huawei P, It will be ‘P’ and then the exact model number of your device.

[*] If you already got the raw file as ‘’ you don’t have to extract it too. But basically, you’ll get the .zip files with the device’s name like ‘Huawei_Y220-U01..’, Then you need to extract it to your PC’s somewhere location to get ‘’ file. Like the screenshot below.

Step 2: Once you have done it. You prepared the flash file for the copy to your SD Card. But, Still, you did not see the ‘’? You have to rename the .zip file that you have internal files like the above screenshot to ‘’.

Step 3: Now you have successfully prepared Firmware file to flash. Put your SD card on your phone or through SD Card reader to your PC (SD Card must be above 4GB).

Step 4: SD Card must have formatted to exFAT (Default) or NTFS. The card must me recently formatted and there will be no files on it.

Step 5: Now, Copy the ‘’ file to the SD card that you have.

Step 6: Once you have successfully copied the ‘’ to your SD Card. Power Off your device.

Step 7: Now, You want to put your device to ‘Recovery Mode’.

[*] To boot into recovery mode: Press the Power button, and wait one second and then press the Volume Up button. Now you should be in default recovery mode on your device.

Step 8: If you successfully booted the device into the ‘Recovery Mode’, Press Power Button for going to the menu.

Step 9: Once you see the Menu of Recovery Mode. Use Volume UP and Down to choose the options. For the select one from that Press the Power Button. So, you can Select ‘Apply Update From Sdcard’ option.

Step 10: Select ‘’ package from navigating to it by Volume Buttons and press Power Button to install it.

Step 11: After the select, the installation process will begin. You’ll able to this kind of screen.

Step 12: All done, If you successfully completed the installation process you’ll get back to the Recovery Menu automatically, Please select ‘Reboot System Now’ using volume buttons and select it through the Power button. And wait for the restart the device. This might take a few minutes. Please be patient until it comes to Welcome Screen.

Final Words:

I hope you successfully flashed the Stock Firmware to your Huawei Device. If you want to verify the updated version please Go to the Settings -> About. By the way, this is the complete guide to the Flash OTA updates on any Huawei Device. Once you followed the above instructions well. You’ll definitely successful flash the updates without any third-party tool. Feel free to contact us through the comment section if you need any helps from us.

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