Huawei Users Complain About Ads On Their Devices

Some of Huawei devices reportedly showing ads on it’s lock screen. A number of owners complained they have noticed ads on their lock screen. The ads appear through Huawei Magazine Unlock feature. By that feature, Users allow making a lock screen with few selected photos with changing them every time they unlock their device.

Reportedly these ads affected smartphones are Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P20 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, P10 Lite and Honor 10. In this case, no matter if you have installed the app or not. Ads are shows up on Huawei devices which are running EMUI.

These ads do not seem to be limited to one country. There are several countries spotted including UK, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Spain. Maybe this will affect other regions too in the near future.

How To Remove Ads From Huawei and Honor Smartphone Lock Screen

As well as you know, These ads are showing by a part of Huawei’s Magazine Unlock feature. You can manually disable it yourself if you want. These are only ads so no need to having a app on your Huawei smartphone.

By the way, You can disable the Magazine Unlock Feature going by Settings>Lock Screen>Magazine Unlock and you can disable the auto-update for your subscriptions.

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