Download and Join Huawei EMUI Beta Program [APK]

Once a year Google releases a new Android operating system. So, the developers and manufacturers can test it and push it to their registered users devices via the Beta program. When it comes to the Huawei brand. You can get the Beta versions through the Join Huawei EMUI Beta Program by this app. After releasing a new Android OS. Huawei also renews their User Experience (EMUI) to the new look and feel with their own highly customized skin. With Android 10 they bring the new EMUI 10 version. They started rolling out EMUI 10 with Android 10 in past days for some of their devices.

If you own the latest Huawei flagship device. For 2019, Huawei P30, P30 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro. Your device will be suitable for the upgrade. So, if you’re interested to taste the new update. You should definitely want to install this app and register on it. After that, you can download the software package directly from Huawei and install it.

In this Beta version. We can’t promise all the functions and features will be totally fine and work great. You’ll find some bugs, issues regarding the new OS. Because that’s why calling this to a Beta testing program. Anyway, you can report the bugs if you find them. Let’s go ahead and see how the program is going on and guide to download and join Huawei’s EMUI beta program.

How to Install EMUI Beta App:

First of all, you need to download and store the Beta app on your phone storage. It’s a pretty simple process that you have to do. You don’t need to have knowledge in flashing, rooting, bootloader unlocking kind of experience. Just only need to know “How to Install Android App Manually”. No required a PC. Download the EMUI Beta app from the provided link below.

After you follow the link above the download process will start. Once it’s completed. The app has been saved to your device’s local storage. You can open the app setup by dragging down the notification bar and select the recently downloaded file, or you can find it through some file manager application on your device. Default it is saved in the “Downloads” folder. You can find out it by browsing the device folders.

When you select the file and open it. You’ll see the installation window will pop up on the screen. But the app needs to require the operating system’s permission to install. If you didn’t ‘Enabled’ it before.

Just touch on ‘Settings’ on the installation window. Find the ‘Unknown Sources’ touch on it and ‘Enable’. Then go to the back, and hit on ‘Install’ and wait until the installation completes. Once it’s completed.

Sign Up and Join the Huawei Beta Program:

1. Open the app as normal.

2. Accept BETA Terms and Conditions, Press ‘Next’.

3. To go ahead and join the Beta program. You must have a Huawei ID. If you already have an ID. You can ‘Sign In’ with the ID you had. Or if you don’t have one. You can ‘Register’ on Huawei by providing an Email or Phone number. This is not a hard step. Just like a normal account creating an online platform.

4. If you’re done with the above process. You got the account. Now you see the User Interface of the app.

* To Join the Beta program. Select “Personal (From the bottom of the app) > Join Project > Available Project > Project Name: Huawei (Your device model) > Sign Up.

Once you have done this process. Your device will join the Beta program. After a few minutes, you’ll receive a new notification for the update or you can check the software updates just going to the settings. Before you install the update recommend to have more than 70% of battery percentage. So, download the update and install it as normal. Be patient until automatically all processes complete.

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