Download and Join Huawei EMUI Beta Program [APK]

Once a year Google releases a new Android operating system. So, the developers and manufacturers can test it and push it to their registered users devices via the Beta program. When it comes to the Huawei brand. You can get the Beta versions through the Join Huawei EMUI Beta Program by this app. After releasing a new Android OS. Huawei also renews their User Experience (EMUI) to the new look and feel with their own highly customized skin. With Android 10 they bring the new EMUI 10 version. They started rolling out EMUI 10 with Android 10 in past days for some of their devices.

If you own the latest Huawei flagship device. For 2019, Huawei P30, P30 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro. Your device will be suitable for the upgrade. So, if you’re interested to taste the new update. You should definitely want to install this app and register on it. After that, you can download the software package directly from Huawei and install it.

In this Beta version. We can’t promise all the functions and features will be totally fine and work great. You’ll find some bugs, issues regarding the new OS. Because that’s why calling this to a Beta testing program. Anyway, you can report the bugs if you find them. Let’s go ahead and see how the program is going on and guide to download and join Huawei’s EMUI beta program.

How to Install EMUI Beta App:

First of all, you need to download and store the Beta app on your phone storage. It’s a pretty simple process that you have to do. You don’t need to have knowledge in flashing, rooting, bootloader unlocking kind of experience. Just only need to know “How to Install Android App Manually”. No required a PC. Download the EMUI Beta app from the provided link below.

After you follow the link above the download process will start. Once it’s completed. The app has been saved to your device’s local storage. You can open the app setup by dragging down the notification bar and select the recently downloaded file, or you can find it through some file manager application on your device. Default it is saved in the “Downloads” folder. You can find out it by browsing the device folders.

When you select the file and open it. You’ll see the installation window will pop up on the screen. But the app needs to require the operating system’s permission to install. If you didn’t ‘Enabled’ it before.

Just touch on ‘Settings’ on the installation window. Find the ‘Unknown Sources’ touch on it and ‘Enable’. Then go to the back, and hit on ‘Install’ and wait until the installation completes. Once it’s completed.

Sign Up and Join the Huawei Beta Program:

1. Open the app as normal.

2. Accept BETA Terms and Conditions, Press ‘Next’.

3. To go ahead and join the Beta program. You must have a Huawei ID. If you already have an ID. You can ‘Sign In’ with the ID you had. Or if you don’t have one. You can ‘Register’ on Huawei by providing an Email or Phone number. This is not a hard step. Just like a normal account creating an online platform.

4. If you’re done with the above process. You got the account. Now you see the User Interface of the app.

* To Join the Beta program. Select “Personal (From the bottom of the app) > Join Project > Available Project > Project Name: Huawei (Your device model) > Sign Up.

Once you have done this process. Your device will join the Beta program. After a few minutes, you’ll receive a new notification for the update or you can check the software updates just going to the settings. Before you install the update recommend to have more than 70% of battery percentage. So, download the update and install it as normal. Be patient until automatically all processes complete.

Download Huawei HiCare Android App [APK]

HiCare is Huawei’s professional customer service app that the company made for the support and assistance of their customers. It provides the User Manual about your device in every aspect, and Customer Feedbacks, Warranty Status, Hotline Number, etc. So, This is the app you definitely want to install your device if you’re looking for some after-sale services. With this app you can communicate with Huawei’s support assistant to solve your problems instantly and also, you can browse Huawei Forum and find some threads easily which is related to your device and share the experience with other phone users. You can Download Huawei HiCare app’s latest version directly in this post.

If you purchase the device from the Official Store or authorized dealer you’ll get company warranty for your device. Through this app you can check your warranty status too. Also, you can check out the latest software update availability for your device by selecting it manually without doing hard steps.

You only have to do the steps: Log In to the app > Select Country/Region > Agree with the User Agreement and Privacy Notice > Update > Request Update > Apply > Checking for New System Update > Download and then Install it. So, no worries about the steps. Just select them one by one and be patient.

Main Features:

1. Your phone’s User Manual (If you want to get a quick guide about your phone? You don’t need to find your hard copy of User Manual that included in the phone box)

2. Service Centers Info (It finds local service centers contact information for you)

3. Hotline Number (Local hotline number for contact. If you have any problems or guide to know regarding your device)

4. Problem & Feedback Report (You can personally email to the Huawei if you ever have problems or common issues with your device or model)

5. Forum (When you Sign up with an app. You can share your experience, problems, feedback with Huawei Forum)

What’s New:

1. Some countries/regions added to the Live Chat support. So you can join Live with Huawei agent to get customer service.

2. Showing your e-warranty card with device status.

3. Bug fixes and optimization.

Download Huawei HiCare APK:

Installation Guide:

It’s easy. You only have to do a few things.

1. Download the HiCare APK from the provided link and save it to your device.

2. You must enable “Unknown Sources” from security settings. (If you don’t know how to enable it? Just go to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Just touch on the box in front of it).

3. Open-File Manager on your phone. And locate the position that you saved the APK.

4. Tap on it and follow the on-screen steps. And wait until its complete the process.

5. Make sure to Sign-up and enjoy the services!

In this post, we provided direct links to download the HiCare app. So, If you have face any trouble with it. Just let us know in the comment section.

Download and Install Google Camera APK for Huawei P30 Pro [Gcam]

Nowadays, Smartphone photography is a passion for a wide range of people in the world. Smartphone makers are in the competition for making a better Camera phone than each other. This Chinese tech giant that we’re calling as Huawei at the top of the competition in many ways. They have good performing devices overall.

Huawei P30 Pro is one of a great device they ever made. This device having latest camera technology with Leica Quad camera setup with 40MP (Wide Angle Lens, OIS, and f/1.6 aperture) + 20MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens, f/2.2 aperture) + 8MP (Telephoto, OIS, f/3.4) cameras + TOF (Time-of-Flight) Camera for autofocus and AIS (Ai Image Stabilization). It’s a surprisingly great camera phone and no doubt it has the better stock camera app too.

But if you ever try Google Camera App (GCam) on this device, You’re going to love it. Because, since Google’s Pixel devices release, everyone knows they had the amazing camera algorithm. It can capture stunning images in every aspect not even during the daytime also it can capture excellent images in low light too.

How Google Camera [GCam] Working With Huawei P30 Pro

The GCam app is exclusive for the Pixel devices that Made by Google. But this is the GCam port which is working with any other non-pixel devices. So this version is exclusively working for any Huawei devices which are based on Kirin chipsets. Some ported apps are working on only rooted devices. But no worries this app is working fine with non-rooted devices. So no root access required. All the credits go to the developers who ported this app to work with any device. You have to do only Download Google Camera ported APK and just giving permissions to your device and install it as normal.

This app offers several standard camera features that you loved of GCam Portrait Mode, HDR, HDR+ and Night Mode those are working with devices that are running Android Pie. For the older versions also working some features like Night Mode. It also offers RAW files, Google Lens and AR Stickers as well.

What’s Working Features of GCam Port:

  • The primary camera will work fine
  • Default camera settings are working well
  • Night Mode Is working well
  • Also, other features will be working [Depends on your device and Android version that you have]

Known Issues and Bugs:

  • HDR+ not working
  • If you tried to tweak the settings BSC camera app will crash

Download Google Camera App:

Follow This Steps To Install Google Camera on Your Device:

1. Download the GCam APK file from the provided link above.

2. If you downloaded the APK file using your PC, Make sure to copy that file to the internal storage of your device.

3. Now, You have to enable “Unknown Sources” of your device (If already enabled. You can skip this step). Or Go to the Settings Menu > Security and you’ll be able to see “Unknown Sources” Please make sure to toggle-on that to enable.

4. Navigate to the location where you saved the Gcam APK and install it.

5. Once, You completed the installation. Just open the application and Enjoy it!

That’s it. We hope you’ve successfully installed the app on your Huawei device. If you got troubled, Feel free to comment below!

Huawei Users Complain About Ads On Their Devices

Some of Huawei devices reportedly showing ads on it’s lock screen. A number of owners complained they have noticed ads on their lock screen. The ads appear through Huawei Magazine Unlock feature. By that feature, Users allow making a lock screen with few selected photos with changing them every time they unlock their device.

Reportedly these ads affected smartphones are Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P20 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, P10 Lite and Honor 10. In this case, no matter if you have installed the app or not. Ads are shows up on Huawei devices which are running EMUI.

These ads do not seem to be limited to one country. There are several countries spotted including UK, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Spain. Maybe this will affect other regions too in the near future.

How To Remove Ads From Huawei and Honor Smartphone Lock Screen

As well as you know, These ads are showing by a part of Huawei’s Magazine Unlock feature. You can manually disable it yourself if you want. These are only ads so no need to having a app on your Huawei smartphone.

By the way, You can disable the Magazine Unlock Feature going by Settings>Lock Screen>Magazine Unlock and you can disable the auto-update for your subscriptions.

How To Manually Flash OTA Updates On Huawei Devices

If you own a Huawei Phone, You’ll get their EMUI updates OTA (On The Air). Anyway, how if your device didn’t receive the updates proper time. You have to long wait. Or the recent update you installed is not interesting to you or got some bugs, issues on it. This method is important if you wish to Upgrade or Downgrade your device as you want. In this guide, You’ll learn how to manually flash OTA updates on Huawei device.

If you own rooted device or custom ROM flashed, soft bricked, this method will be working for you to return your device to the factory stock firmware and unbrick, unroot easily. Go ahead and follow the instructions for the start flashing.

Important: Before you enter this process. Your device must have at least 40 – 60 percent of battery life.

How To Manually Flash OTA Updates On Huawei Devices:

Step 1: For the first step you need to Download the OTA Firmware that exact one develops for your Huawei device’s model number. After that you Downloaded the firmware file, it must be matched for your device’s model number.

[*] As like the screenshot below. You’ll basically get this kind of .zip, Once you open or see the name. It shows ‘Huawei_Y220-U01..’. Like that, In this screenshot ‘Y’ For series of the device, If your device is Huawei P, It will be ‘P’ and then the exact model number of your device.

[*] If you already got the raw file as ‘’ you don’t have to extract it too. But basically, you’ll get the .zip files with the device’s name like ‘Huawei_Y220-U01..’, Then you need to extract it to your PC’s somewhere location to get ‘’ file. Like the screenshot below.

Step 2: Once you have done it. You prepared the flash file for the copy to your SD Card. But, Still, you did not see the ‘’? You have to rename the .zip file that you have internal files like the above screenshot to ‘’.

Step 3: Now you have successfully prepared Firmware file to flash. Put your SD card on your phone or through SD Card reader to your PC (SD Card must be above 4GB).

Step 4: SD Card must have formatted to exFAT (Default) or NTFS. The card must me recently formatted and there will be no files on it.

Step 5: Now, Copy the ‘’ file to the SD card that you have.

Step 6: Once you have successfully copied the ‘’ to your SD Card. Power Off your device.

Step 7: Now, You want to put your device to ‘Recovery Mode’.

[*] To boot into recovery mode: Press the Power button, and wait one second and then press the Volume Up button. Now you should be in default recovery mode on your device.

Step 8: If you successfully booted the device into the ‘Recovery Mode’, Press Power Button for going to the menu.

Step 9: Once you see the Menu of Recovery Mode. Use Volume UP and Down to choose the options. For the select one from that Press the Power Button. So, you can Select ‘Apply Update From Sdcard’ option.

Step 10: Select ‘’ package from navigating to it by Volume Buttons and press Power Button to install it.

Step 11: After the select, the installation process will begin. You’ll able to this kind of screen.

Step 12: All done, If you successfully completed the installation process you’ll get back to the Recovery Menu automatically, Please select ‘Reboot System Now’ using volume buttons and select it through the Power button. And wait for the restart the device. This might take a few minutes. Please be patient until it comes to Welcome Screen.

Final Words:

I hope you successfully flashed the Stock Firmware to your Huawei Device. If you want to verify the updated version please Go to the Settings -> About. By the way, this is the complete guide to the Flash OTA updates on any Huawei Device. Once you followed the above instructions well. You’ll definitely successful flash the updates without any third-party tool. Feel free to contact us through the comment section if you need any helps from us.